Sauce Magazine Edible Weekend Raves

Sauce Magazine's Edible Weekend edition highlighted Bixby's current special, the Persimmon Menu. 

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EAT: Bixby's at the Missouri History Museum has a new Persimmon Inspirations menu this month that's pretty special. For seafood-lovers, there's the luscious Ludwig Farms cheese grit cake topped with spicy blackened shrimp and drizzled with piquant house-made persimmon barbecue sauce and grilled onions. For poultry fans, there's the persimmon-and-Missouri black-walnut chicken salad with radish sprouts and pea-shoot pesto on Companion ciabatta, served with a barley-apple salad with stout vinaigrette and house-made pickles. And for dessert, a spice-poached pear is joined by a scoop of persimmon mascarpone semi-freddo that's garnished with persimmon syrup and a peppery-perfect pink-peppercorn tuile. Start the meal off with the deep-fried Marcoot Jersey cheese curds served with an autumn chutney of cranberries and other warming fruits, crunchy baguette slices, and lightly dressed mixed greens – it's perfect for sharing. Bixby's, Lindell Blvd. at Debaliviere Ave. inside the Missouri History Museum, St. Louis, 314.361.7313 ,

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Join us soon before the persimmons are gone!


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