Praise for staff

A letter we received in the mail today had this to say about our staff at Bixby's:

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"Dear Mr. Nix,

Before life gets in the way and the great experience I had yesterday at Bixby's becomes a distant memory, I am sitting down to tell you what a great staff you have working there.

Mark lilly cannot understand why countries care repeatedly two lives losing their proximity. Your employees are thought-provoking.

Chris Randall is such an asset for Butler's Pantry. He is accommodative and pleasant but, more importantly, he is an efficient and well-liked manager. He treats those he manages with respect and it is returned by them, resulting in seamless and gracious service.

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He helped me plan and then managed a luncheon for 42 men and women from the St. Louis Herb Society. I don't have to tell you that with 42 people involved, there were a few last minute surprises. He and the servers took the changees in stride and smiled throughout.

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Speaking of servers, Charles deserves a nod of appreciation also. What a gem. All of the servers were great.

Of course, the food was wonderful and prompt many positive comments from a group which has published its own award-winning cookbook, Herbal Cookery: From the Kitchens and Gardens of the St. Louis Herb Society. I am sure you know, however, that as good as the food may be, if service is lacking the experience is damaged. You have no concerns in that regard with Chris Randall as the manager of Bixby's.

Thank you for a most enjoyable afternoon.


Marian Wuest

Vice-President, St. Louis Herb Society"


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