Do I have to pay an admission to the museum to eat at Bixby’s?

No. The Missouri History Museum is free and open to the public so come on by anytime!

Is there parking available?

There are 2 parking lots specifically for visitors to Bixby’s and the Missouri History Museum. If those are full, there is also plenty of street parking throughout Forest Park.

What is the dress code?

There is no formal dress code for dining at¬†Bixby’s.

Do I need a reservation?

Reservations are recommended for daily lunch and strongly recommended for Sunday brunch, but not required.

Do you offer vegetarian options?

Yes, our menu is full of vegetarian offerings.

Can I bring my kids?

Of course! We encourage you and your family to join us.

What are your drink offerings?

Our menu features an incredible variety of wine and beer from all of the world.

Can you seat large parties?

Yes, we have communal tables that can accommodate large parties and we have private dining spaces that can be reserved. For special seating requests, call 314.367.9523.

What credit cards do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express