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Bixby’s Voted As One of 25 Best Museum Restaurants In the United States

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Museums all over the country appear to be competing to see who can have the best and most glamorous restaurant with the most famous chef, much to the benefit of museum patrons. Instead of the cellophane-wrapped stale ham sandwiches of previous years, they can now enjoy a spectacular spread from world-renowned chefs such as Wolfgang Puck, Abram Bissell, or Dani Volpi.

With the art from the surrounding galleries spilling onto their walls, museum restaurants are exceptionally beautiful venues for a light meal or a celebratory dinner. Most are accessible without entering the museum, although the hope is that people will come not only to eat, but also to enjoy a portion of art appreciation.

Bixby’s, Missouri History Museum, St. Louis

It says a lot about Bixby’s when the most popular brunch place is located in the Missouri History Museum. This modern, spacious restaurant has spectacular views of Forest Park and its sleek d├ęcor and historical exhibits make for a wonderful place for a lunch, dinner, or Sunday brunch.

The menu is focused on local produce and is seasonal and imaginative with clear local influences. Try the healthy winter vegetable tart with parsnip puree, quinoa, carrot, butternut squash, and sauce verte. The restaurant is a great venue for celebrations and parties, and it is so popular that reservations are necessary.