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The Missouri History Museum reflects the fundamental obligation of every generation to leave this community, region and world in better condition for those who will next inherit them. Bixby’s was created in support of this core value of Stewardship adopted by the Missouri History Museum in 2001.

Bixby'sFrom the selection of a leading cultural philanthropist, William K. Bixby, as the naming inspiration at the restaurant to the development of our guiding culinary theme of “Dining with Local Influence”, Bixby’s seeks to create another vehicle to make a difference in our community.

Chef Greg Ziegenfuss created the Bixby’s menu not only by modifying ingredients and looking at culinary selections from a slightly different angle, but by utilizing and imaginatively combining local products. A chef can make an established or even unadventurous dish seem new and refreshing using this simple strategy; one that often results in food that is familiar enough to be broadly appealing but different enough to excite. At Bixby’s “Dining with Local Influence” embraces artfully crafted regional ingredients developed into seasonal lunch menus.



Hours & Directions

Lunch 11am - 2pm Monday-Saturday
Brunch 10am - 2pm Sunday
Express 10am - 4:30pm Wednesday-Monday
                10am - 6:30pm Tuesday
*Express serves snack and beverage items only 
from 3:00pm until close. 

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